Beyoncé Drops ‘Break My Soul’ Remix With Madonna


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Beyoncé sent fans into a frenzy on August 5 when she released a surprise remix of “BREAK MY SOUL” starring Madonna. On the track, billed as “The Queens Remix,” Bey gives a sweet salute to a host of female power players in the music industry. Lizzo, Jill Scott, Missy Elliott and Santigold were among the artists credited in the infectious song.

Some of the superstar queens took to social media to express their excitement and gratitude after hearing the remix.

Lizzo wrote on Twitter:


In another tweet, the 34-year-old posted a video with the caption, “I’VE ALWAYS BELIEVED IN ME, NOW BEYONCÉ BELIEVES IN ME TOO.”

“I remember telling my girlfriend’s mom what my college major would be and I told her I was majoring in music and she laughed in my face,” the “Truth Hurts” singer recalled ‘ in the short video. “She said, ‘Music performance? Like Beyonce?’ and laughed in my face. I only have one thing to say: BYE.”

Jill Scott said she was “in tears” after hearing her name in the song.

While Santigold thanked Queen Bey for counting her name among the “greats” in the industry.

The Beyhive comes for Kelis after the “BREAK MY SOUL” remix comes out

Some fans took the opportunity to throw a few jabs at Kelis, who the Houston native recently slammed for using an interpolated sample of her song “Milkshake” on Renaissance.

“See Kelis you could have yelled ‘BREAK MY SOUL Remix with Madonna’ to Beyoncé but you choose to be crazy,” wrote one Stan.

While another fan joked:

“If you listen carefully to Break My Soul, Freedia said, ‘Release Kelis.'”

Earlier this week, Bey quickly removed the sample from her track “ENERGY” after the singer accused her, Pharrell and The Neptunes’ Chad Hugo of “stealing.” Taking to Instagram, the New York native said she wasn’t notified of the sample, though Bey included her name in the songwriting credits.

Back in 2020, Kelis opened up about her falling out with The Neptunes in an interview with The Guardian. The star claimed Pharrell and Chad Hugo “blatantly lied” and “tricked” her into signing the publishing rights to their first two albums. kaleidoscope and wanderland.

“I was told we were going to split the whole thing 33/33/33, which we didn’t do,” she explained at the time, noting that she didn’t know about the argument for years because she was making tons of money from touring.

“Their argument is, ‘Well, you signed it.’ I say, ‘Yes, I signed what I was told and I was too young and dumb to double-check,'” she added.

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