Azan Sami Khan Pays Tribute to Sajal Alys Shanaya: ‘The Only One’

Azan Sami Khan Pays Tribute to Sajal Alys Shanaya: ‘The Only One’

Azan Sami Khan wrote a long note for screenwoman Shanaya aka Sajal Aly.

The Ishq-e-laa star took to his Instagram on Saturday to celebrate and recognize the efforts of all these women who are championing women’s empowerment and challenging the status quo.

“In a world teetering with violence against women and a justice system crippled in favor of the powerful Shanaya, Ahmed was a figure who stood for the countless lives we have lost as a nation and world to injustice,” Azan wrote alongside a photo of Tomb of Sajal Alys screen character.

“She was a character like many who have sadly died, who idealistically believed her voice could dutifully fight for the right cause and be heard, but as reality has shown us time and time again, such voices are silenced and put away and the Bureaucracy and today’s troubled legal systems slowly frustrate those fighting for their cause and eventually fade away until another tragedy of this kind happens. I’m proud to have played a husband to a character like Shanaya Ahmed,” said Sajal Aly in the latest episode of the show.

He continued, “I hope and pray that Ishq E Laa can prove to be a drop in the bucket towards the change that is needed for everyone who steps forward to make their voices heard. An incredible effort by the only ones @sajalaly.”

Before signing off, Azan thanked the fans for their utmost support and love.

“Finally, thank you to everyone who has messaged me and tagged me in posts. It really means the world,” Azan concluded.


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