Assam CM asks newly appointed heads of civil societies, commissions to give up their PSOs


The Prime Minister of Assam, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, on Thursday called on the newly appointed chairmen, vice-chairmen, chief executives of companies, the Women’s Commission and the Youth Commission to give up their Personal Security Officers (PSOs).

His remarks came during a meeting welcoming newly appointed government officials at Janata Bhawan in Guwahati.

The Assam CM called on officials to give their respective organizations a facelift so they can help the government reach out to all communities in the state. He also challenged them to innovate in their approaches, ideas and steps to make their respective bodies more alive.

Himanta Biswa Sarma asked the new officials to draw up long-term and short-term plans to make the companies more dynamic and action-oriented.

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He urged corporate leaders to make their corporations more economically viable so they can strengthen the government’s socio-economic empowerment narrative.

During the meeting, the Assam Prime Minister also urged the chair and members of the Women’s Commission to become proactive and travel across the state to discourage forces hostile to women’s empowerment, and to address any location in the immediate aftermath of incidents of witch hunts or harassment.

He also called on state officials to prepare budget proposals and submit them to the government, to liaise with the ministers concerned and to draw up an agenda to make their organizations more active and aligned with the government’s goals.

CM Himanta Biswa Sarma tweeted, “In Janata Bhawan, I met newly appointed chairmen, vice-chairmen, executive directors and members of various government bodies, including women’s and youth commissions, to advance our development agenda.”

BJP-MLA President Rangia Bhabesh Kalita, Chief Minister’s Political Secretary Jayanta Malla Baruah, former Union Minister Rajen Gohain and a number of other prominent figures attended the meeting.

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