APPEA accepts the industry levy while the boss takes on the government role


Northern Endeavor has yet to grapple with that, though, through an industry levy announced last year that APPEA feared would cost its members $3.4 billion over the next decade. It has proved extremely controversial, not least among other oil and gas companies unrelated to the now-defunct offshore oil production vessel.

APPEA’s outgoing CEO, Andrew McConville, has gone from fighting the government to working for it.

After his announcement, McConville hit the levy as a “blunt instrument,” setting a “terrible precedent” that could have “serious repercussions for Australia’s economy and jobs.”

But on Friday, APPEA was far more accommodating. His website has no recent publication on the subject, although included in a statement The Australian It states that “industry accepts and is committed to its responsibility to protect the environment and that decommissioning is an area we take seriously”. “We will work to ensure that the levy is collected for the purpose of recovering funds for the decommissioning of the Northern Endeavor project.”

Suppose the oil and gas sector sees no point in fighting the problem. And just as well. Can you imagine how embarrassing McConville would be if he were otherwise going to take office soon?


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