Announcement: Building support for LGBTQ+ people in Romania


The deadline for submitting project offers is November 1, 2022.

The British Embassy Bucharest invites project proposals to support the delivery of activities and outcomes to build a supportive environment for the LGBTQ+ community in Romania. This is on behalf of a group of potential project sponsors, including the Embassy of Ireland in Bucharest.

This project is part of a broader portfolio of projects by the British Embassy aimed at supporting the Romanian government and civil society in promoting LGBTQ+ rights around the world. It also complements the work of the other promoters involved in this field.

Societal acceptance of LGBTQ+ people in Romania remains limited, mainly characterized by ambivalence and a small, but vocal, negative reaction. There is a slow improvement in attitudes, but significant misconceptions remain about LGBTQ+ people in the public discourse that would benefit from being cleared and exposed.

The LGBTQ+ community is struggling to find acceptance among the general public, despite a fairly high level of social apathy towards the issue. In this regard, we propose to work with local LGBTQ+ NGOs to develop and promote a toolkit aimed at allies of LGBTQ+ people. This would aim to clear up misunderstandings and provide information and tools for those who want to be more supportive of their LGBTQ+ relatives, friends and colleagues.


Promoting a better understanding of LGBTQ+ issues for potential allies of LGBTQ+ people by building more constructive public discussion in the LGBT+ community and promoting more inclusive social attitudes. This should include improving understanding for parents, colleagues, friends and the wider community.

scope of work

The project should have a national reach and use online media where appropriate. It should also seek to build long-lived resources that can be used beyond the immediate lifespan of the project.


It is important for the project implementer to establish effective relationships to ensure political and operational level buy-in for this project to be successful. Possible activities could be:

  • digital resources or platforms for allies
  • creative campaigns to promote positive social attitudes
  • a communication campaign to promote resources to appropriate audiences
  • Activities to promote resources and key messages with authorities, as appropriate

This is not an exhaustive list and the UK Embassy welcomes innovative proposals from potential implementing partners, suggesting additional or alternative activities to achieve the main objectives. We encourage creative suggestions and ideas.

project approach

The British Embassy Bucharest is working with the Embassy of Ireland in Bucharest and other potential project sponsors to improve and secure further funding for the project. All future partners are consulted and approve a project proposal.

This proposal forms the basis for the project planning. The proposal should set out how the implementing partner will implement activities to support the above objectives with an implementation plan and a supporting activity-based budget.

The British Embassy in Bucharest will take care of the project planning in terms of communication and coordination with other partners and will arrange the necessary contacts with the executors.

The project implementer controls the project logistics and should consider the pandemic context and its possible impact on the project implementation when submitting the offer.

The project sponsors provide contacts and points of contact for UK and Irish other national institutions or experts who may be needed in the process. The Embassy and its partners will also seek to provide international best practices where possible and appropriate.

how to bid

Our process consists of a one-step full proposal proposal.

Bids should be completed in English using the Quotation form for project proposals for implementers (ODT, 48.4KB) and a Activity-based budget template (ODS, 9.82KB) must also be submitted. The promoters reserve the right to request additional information from bidders before making a decision.

Activity-based budgets should list the activities required to deliver the results (outcomes) of the project and all costs should be in Romanian Lei (RON).

The deadline for submitting project offers is November 1, 2022.

Please send all completed forms to [email protected] and [email protected]

Please indicate in the subject of the e-mail: name of the implementing organization and title of the project.


The reports to be prepared as part of this project are to be submitted in English:

  • an inception note describing the approach and proposed activities. It should also detail the key stakeholders involved, a proposed timeline of activities, risks, a protection approach and any additional details including a communication plan
  • a draft report
  • three monthly financial reports
  • after a facilitated commenting process, the final report

Composition of the project teams:

The British Embassy Bucharest will appoint a Project Director, British Embassy Bucharest (Goran Mandic, 1st Secretary) and a Project Manager (Kim Best, 2nd Secretary) to oversee project implementation.

Project proposals should demonstrate that the implementing partner’s staffing is adequate to achieve the project’s objectives and that the staff have relevant expertise and experience in working with LGBTQ+ issues in Romania, as well as detailed knowledge of the situation of the LGBTQ+ community in Romania feature .

Timing and amount of input

The bidding process is an open and competitive process, evaluated by the British Embassy in Bucharest in consultation with the Embassy of Ireland and other partners. The results will be published at the end of October. Once a bid is approved, a grant agreement will be signed with the successful bidders. You can find a sample grant agreement in the Documents section.

Your organization is expected to sign the contract within a week of the funds being allocated. Otherwise funds may be reallocated. The implementing organization must provide report updates and a final assessment of the project.

Most project funding will only be available on a reimbursement basis, with some leeway for payments to be made upfront for the work performed. Refunds will be finalized once activity has taken place and all receipts have been submitted.

When paying by reimbursement Implementing organizations request reimbursements using an invoice (including receipts and a financial statement of expenditure) and reimbursements are made on the dates agreed in the relevant contract. The exact payment plan will be discussed and agreed with the successful project.

The budget should be presented in Romanian New Leu (RON). All payments are made in RON to a bank account in Romania.

Please send questions about the tender to [email protected]

The project is expected to run from November 2022 to the end of March 2023. The crucial milestones will be the submission of the draft report (February 2023) and the final report (April 2023).


Grant applications must include an estimated budget of at least RON 85,571. The British Embassy Bucharest offers RON 48,571 and the Irish Embassy offers RON 37,000. We accept offers with scalable budgets to allow further funding from other potential partners.

Depending on the quality of the proposals, the British Embassy, ​​the Embassy of Ireland and other project sponsors reserve the right not to award all or part of the available funds.

The Embassy also reserves the right to grant an amount less than that requested by the applicants. In such a case, applicants are invited to increase the amount they co-finance, to propose other co-financing means or to reduce the total cost, without changing the content of the proposal.


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