Allison Mack, accused of delivering NXIVM sex slaves to Raniere, faces conviction


NEW YORK – Allison Mack found fame by playing Clark Kent’s best friend on the television show “Smallville” and vilifying her real role as a “slave” in order to sexually seduce NXIVM leader Keith Raniere.

On Wednesday, Mack will find out if her crimes give her a new role – federal prisoner.

38-year-old Mack, who formerly hailed from the Knox Woods townhouse complex in Halfmoon, is expected to be convicted of extortion and extortion conspiracy in April 2019 in the US District Court in Brooklyn for her guilty confession.

Senior U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis, who led the nearly two-month trial of Raniere in 2019, could sentence Mack to at least 14 years in prison under federal guidelines. Federal attorneys in Brooklyn’s Eastern District of New York have asked the judge to try Mack under these guidelines for collaborating against Raniere, whom they described as substantial.

Raniere, who was charged with sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy and extortion in court, is serving 120 years in prison. Mack, who once beamed at Raniere in videos created by NXIVM, now describes her former lover as a “twisted man.”

Born in Germany and raised in Southern California, Mack played the character of Chloe Sullivan in “Smallville,” which ran for 10 years. Mack rose through the ranks of NXIVM and later became a key member of Raniere’s most infamous corporation – what later became known as the Sex Cult, the group known as the Dominus Obsequious Sororium (DOS).

Mack and other “Masters” primarily presented DOS to potential recruits as a sorority for empowering women. To learn more about the group, also known as “The Vow,” they told recruits to offer “collateral” in the form of nude photos, financial asset rights, or devastating personal information (which was often untrue).

In the group, the recruits learned that they were “slaves” who took lifelong vows of obedience to their “masters”. The organization was supposedly all women, but Raniere sat at the top of the DOS pyramid and served as the supreme “master” of its members primarily whose slaves became masters of subordinate slaves who became masters of subordinate slaves.

DOS masters required their slaves to eat 500 calories or less a day, reply to text messages any time of the night, do unpaid work, and in some cases receive “assignments” to seduce Raniere. Prosecutors said Mack hired four of her slaves to seduce Raniere and ordered another woman who refused to do so.

Mack ordered a woman, a California actress, to be celibate for six months. Then Mack ordered the woman to meet Raniere outside the Mack town house where the woman lived. The woman testified at Raniere’s trial that Raniere blindfolded her, drove her to a house, ordered her to undress, and tied her to a table where she was being subjected to oral sex by another DOS slave.

Some women in DOS were physically branded on their pelvic areas with a symbol that later turned out to be Raniere’s initials. It was performed by a person using a cautery pen.

Mack gave prosecutors a recording of Raniere instructing her on how to detain and physically brand women without appearing to have been coerced.

Mack becomes the third defendant in the NXIVM case to be convicted. In September, the judge went way beyond sentencing guidelines when he sentenced Seagrams heiress Clare Bronfman to six years and nine months in prison. A month later, the judge sentenced Raniere to 120 years in prison.

Other defendants awaiting conviction include NXIVM President Nancy Salzman; Lauren Salzman, a senior member of NXIVM who served as a first-line master in DOS, testifying in court against Raniere and NXIVM accountant, Kathy Russell.

Mack could be helped through her collaboration against Raniere and Bronfman, the director of operations for NXIVM and widely considered the financial muscle behind Raniere. In a verdict to the judge, Assistant Attorney General Tanya Hajjar told the judge, “Although Mack could have provided more assistance had she made the decision to work together earlier, Mack provided important, detailed, and well-corroborated information that the government provided in his pursuit. “

Mack told the judge that she had “thrown herself into the teachings of Keith Raniere with everything I had,” adding, “I believed wholeheartedly that his mentoring led me to a better, more enlightened version of myself. I devoted my loyalty. ” , my resources and ultimately my life
to him. That was the biggest mistake and the biggest regret of my life. “

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