8 Strict Rules Taylor Swift Makes Her Employees Follow


Being a megastar takes a lot of hard work and discipline. You need the right people on your team and strict rules to keep things running smoothly.

Taylor Swift is always in the headlines, and it’s not always good news. Her public persona is plagued with ups and downs.

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Swift runs a strict ship where staff know to keep their mouths shut. But over the years, some interesting rules have been shared by people who have worked with her.

8 Strict Rules Taylor Swift Makes Her Employees Follow

1. You must sign an NDA

Rumor has it that all of Swift’s intimate partners have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It’s no surprise that she holds her employees to the same standards.

It is common for companies to require NDAs from all of their employees. Swift is no different and is clever at getting her to sign on the dotted line.

With so many people in the star’s close proximity, it’s imperative that she makes sure her copyrights and secrets are safe.

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2. Only pretty people need to apply.

In an interview with Star Magazine in 2016, an alleged former Swift assistant claimed that her ego is “so big that she actually thinks she’s an above-average looking person.”

She went on to say that Swift uses pretty models as “wallpaper in the background” and surrounds herself with people she finds attractive.

The assistant acknowledges that Swift will make an exception if the person is successful. She uses the singer’s relationship with Lena Dunham to make the point.

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3. Don’t mess with her coffee.

Swift is known for being very careful with her coffee. In fact, she once teamed up with Starbucks to sell her own Taylor’s Latte in celebration of her album Red (Taylor’s Version).

The drink is simple, a Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte. It’s 16 ounces and contains four pumps of caramel and a squirt of non-fat milk.

Reportedly an unspoken rule that no one who works for Swift changes their coffee order. She wants it to come out exactly the same every time.

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4. You must love cats.

If you have an aversion to cats, working at Taylor Swift might not be the best career choice for you. She is a big cat lover and wants her co-workers to feel the same way about her.

At last check, Swift was the proud owner of three cats, two Scottish moths she affectionately named Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson, and a ragdoll she named Benjamin Button.

So if you want to work with her, you have to love cats. They need to be comfortable around their exotic cats and learn how to take care of them.

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5. Don’t bring her Pepsi.

The age-old battle between Coca-Cola and Pepsi is over in Swift’s eyes. She had made it clear that she is “Team Coke” and everyone around her knows it.

Swift became a brand ambassador for Coke in 2013. The company made her the face of its Stay Extraordinary campaign and formed a long-term partnership with her.

It is understandable that she bans Pepsi products for her team. It’s not just private, it’s also business.

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6. No recordings or pictures allowed.

You may have guessed that Swift is keeping her upcoming projects under wraps until they’re ready for public consumption.

Since breaking into the music industry, Swift has been bombarded with copyright claims and lawsuits, so it makes sense that she protects her work.

Employees are reportedly not allowed to record when she’s in the studio or working on an upcoming project. Swift does her best to avoid leaks as they can ruin a record release.

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7. You must support women.

Swift is known for publicly speaking out for women’s empowerment. She has been open about her goal of fighting sexism in the music industry.

Her own struggle with music industry investor Scooter Braun opened her eyes to the profession’s misogyny and she has since vowed to fight sexist behavior.

All of Swift’s female employees are reportedly close to her, forming her “girl gang.” They lean on each other for support with issues that only one other woman can understand.

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8. Fashion faux pas are taboo.

Whether you’re walking down the street or standing out at an awards show, Swift always makes an entrance. Over the years she has become known as a style icon.

Fully aware of their high standards, their glamorous crew do not disappoint. Swift needs to be styled to her precise instructions.

In 2018, the owner of one of Swift’s most popular fashion brands, Faith Connexion, claimed Swift is extremely hands-on when it comes to her style.

“We also work directly with her and choose different pieces. She kept asking more because she loves it,” Maria Buccellati, president of Faith Connexion, told Page Six.

She eschews the scruffy or scruffy looks in favor of chic and classy. Understanding her unique style is a requirement to join her fashion team.

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